Mella Dee - Ruff Cut EP Previews

Mella Dee - Ruff Cut EP is now up for Pre-order:

Mella Dee - Ruff Cut EP is now up for Pre-order:

You can now buy all Forefront Recordings vinyl releases from our online store, we’ve got some great offers on with Christmas just around the corner so check it out

J Beatz - Spontaneous/Subwoofer is out now on vinyl in all good record shops

FORE003: J Beatz - Spontaneous/Subwoofer

Just a quick note to let people know that the vinyl for this release has been delayed by a couple of weeks and will now be hitting the stores some point in October. The digital is still out on Monday 3rd October

FORE003: J Beatz - Spontaneous/Subwoofer

Our 3rd release comes courtesy of North London’s J Beatz. Both tracks can be previewed via the video’s below.

This release is hitting the shops on Monday 26th September on 12” vinyl with digital to follow a week later.

Side A: J Beatz - Spontaneous [FORE003]

Side B: J Beatz - Subwoofer [FORE003]

NKC Interview & Free Download

So first of all, tell everyone a bit about yourself?


I’m 19 and come from the West Midlands. I moved to London last year. I was a resident DJ at Rudewhy clubnights in the Midlands, and still go back there to play sets for (GARAGE), a night that evolved from Rudewhy.


How long have you been making music and what would you say your main influences are?


I started producing at the beginning of 2009. Before that I was messing around making drum patterns on basic programs like Bram Bos’ Hammerhead. It’s a tacky software drum machine that got me into 909 open hihats and sequencing. Seeing my friend Jam using an MPC inspired me to go sample whatever I wanted and throw it all together on FL studio.

I like Garage and I like good Dubstep, but I was really influenced by the percussion of UK Funky when I started building tunes, and I liked the idea that I was listening to a completely fresh genre. Going out over the past year in London has altered the way I produce. I’ve heard how tracks work on good systems, and what stands out.


The UK Funky sound has dropped off the radar in terms of exposure compared to a couple of years ago; how do you see it fitting in the fairly open nature of the underground scene at the moment?


The funky producers that I was initially interested in are still making sick tracks. Funky as a new musical movement may have dropped off the media radar now that it’s a few years old, but the most innovative artists and DJs of the scene haven’t. The Rinse shows of Brackles, Marcus Nasty and Numbers are the best indicators of how Funky has evolved.


You had your first release drop on Awkward Movements a couple of months back and your first EP dropping in July on our very own Forefront Recordings, how are you looking to progress from there?


There may be a bootleg of mine that will hopefully surface on white label in the next few months. Other than that I’ll be getting new tracks down this summer and putting some mixes around. Then I’ll be looking to get bookings in London and to sort out more releases.


Do you think it’s becoming more difficult for up & coming artists to get heard in the digital age?


No. I think if someone has great tracks behind him or her, then he/she will get noticed. I don’t think that emailing tracks is always the best way to get them through to people. If you can reach the right nights I think it’s better to go up to your favourite DJs and give them a CD. Then they have a physical copy of your music that they can listen to away from the thousands of other mp3s sitting in their email inbox.


Finally is there anyone you’d like to shout out?


(GARAGE) family: Aaja, Rob Richards, Notion and Plaebac.

Keith and the Awkmo group.

Plato, Attaman, F Reece, Ben Peer.

Bobby Dozen, Brackles, Lil Silva and Jackmaster.

Download NKC’s remix of Nightcrawlers “Push The Feeling On” here: